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Door Dings.

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Jerry's Dent Repair offers Aberdeen, SD a smarter way to repair automotive dents & paint issues.


We Eliminate Dents the Smart, Cost-Effective Way

Whether a simple door ding or major hail damage Paintless Dent Repair, (PDR) is the best choice for removing many automotive dents. Our Process for dent removal is unique. We incorporate old school metal working with new innovative technology to give you a repair that will blow your mind! 

PDR will restore the appearance of your vehicle without one touch of paint. This allows your vehicle to retain its original color and factory warranty. So sit back and relax, we can fix it! check this site


A Cost-Effective Alternative To Traditional Repair

Ever wonder why you have to paint the whole panel when only a spot is damaged? Here at Jerry’s, we’ve wondered that too. That’s why we’ve developed our special breed of spot repair to fix up your beat-up bumpers and approved panels on your car, truck, or even motorcycle.

We custom mix your color and strategically blend the new repair into existing surroundings. Doing this saves you time and money! Now that’s the Jerry’s Dent Repair way!


We Make Used Cars Look New Again

Ever sat back and looked at your car after it rained and thought, “Man, that thing looks great,” only to have it dry into to the same old dull car? With our clearcoat restoration service, we hand apply new automotive-grade clear to your vehicle, bringing that finish back to life, and remove those bothersome clearcoat scratches. This will keep your baby shiny for years to come. And don’t worry – there is a crack/peel-free guarantee.

Add in our paint-perfecting service, and we’ll touch-up those chips and scratches to really complete the finished look.


Fall in Love with Your Car Again

Let’s face it; life is tough and even tougher on your vehicle. Chips and scratches tear down its value and coolness factor. With our paint perfecting process, we use a combination of wet sanding, buffing & polishing and the new technology of waterborne paint to remove those defects for you.

Say goodbye to those scuffs and forget about those chips and scratches, ‘cause we are giving your baby a makeover. Whether it’s just a panel or two, or the whole enchilada, Jerry’s has got you covered.


Ah Man…Did That Really Just Happen?!

Just what you needed, another thing on your never-ending list of stuff to get done: that guy in front of you threw a meteor at your precious windshield!

Jerry’s Dent Repair can help you out! Our goal is to give you a durable and safe glass repair that is optically pleasing. Don’t wait too long on your chips; those sneaky guys have a way of running on you and then the whole windshield needs to be replaced. That would mean even more hard earned money out of your pocket.

My team and I use cutting edge technology and tools to save you time and money with every repair.

– Jerry Dougherty, Owner

Why Choose Jerry’s Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is our flagship service and the passion behind all we do. Helping to pioneer PDR here in North East South Dakota we have stood the test of time. With tens of thousands of vehicles properly repaired we dominate the market with unsurpassed knowledge and unequaled artistry of this unique trade. We look forward to earning your business and showing you what we can do.


Experienced Specialist

With two decades of experience, you can trust we’ll do it right.

Same Day Service

Get your vehicle back fast and get on with your day.

Value Pricing

Save hundreds of dollars and maintain your vehicle’s value.

Insurance Approved

We eliminate headaches and even handle the paperwork.

  • Huge thanks to the Jerry’s Dent team for doing such great work.

    Travis Schaunaman via Facebook
  • Five stars for Jerry’s. Awesome people and great, quick service.

    Kelli Mensen via Twitter
  • Jerry’s Dent Repair has done an excellent job making our cars showroom ready. He is the master.

    Todd Mann, Used Car Manager, Steven Lust Automotive
  • We have been using Jerry’s for several years now, and not one time were we disappointed.

    Mike Sommers Jr., Owner/Operator, Double D Body Shop
  • Jerry is always there when we need him, day or night. He goes above and beyond to please the customer.

    Todd Mann, Used Car Manager, Steven Lust Automotive
  • Jerry’s work is impeccable, and he is always honest and fair with us. We highly recommend his services.

    Mike Sommers Jr., Owner/Operator, Double D Body Shop

Proud to Serve

Jerry's is a trusted paintless dent repair partner to many companies around the region. From auto body shops, to dealerships to rental car companies, the area's biggest names in the automotive industry rely on Jerry's.

  • Al’s Bodyshop
  • Auto Towne
  • Avis
  • Beadle Chevy
  • Beadle Ford
  • Blumhardt Chevy
  • Bud & Owens Collision Technicians
  • Dakota Auto Center
  • Dakota Customs
  • Double D Bodyshop
  • Elite Collision Center
  • Five Star Auto Crafters
  • Gesswein Motors
  • Grote’s Bodyshop
  • Groton Ford
  • Hersrud’s Chevy
  • Hertz
  • Jason’s Auto Body
  • Mack’s AutoBody
  • Mike N Joe’s
  • Padgett Auto
  • Pierson Ford/Lincoln
  • Queen City Motors
  • Redfield Bodyshop
  • Rick’s Bodyshop
  • Schipke Autobody
  • Scott Peterson Motors
  • Steven Lust Automotive
  • Swede’s Bodyshop
  • Thelin Autobody
  • Vetch Autobody

Photo Gallery

Our work speaks for itself. Browse the before & after photos below to see how we eliminate dents, fading and scratches, while saving you money.

Meet Jerry

Jerry Dougherty has been doing Paintless Dent Repair in Aberdeen, South Dakota since before it was cool. For nearly 20 years, his steady hands and discriminate eye have repaired thousands of minor dings, major dents, auto paint scratches and clear coat disasters. He's worked tirelessly to develop a solid reputation - you'd have trouble finding as dedicated and honest a craftsman anywhere.


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